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National Track Champion 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950

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Doris Travani-Mulligan

Doris, from Detroit, U.S.A., holds the championship trophy of the Amateur Bicycle League of America from 1949. She won four consecutive Bicycle League of America road race titles starting in 1947. She was inducted into the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame in 2013.

The 2020 CRR Jersey is dedicated to Doris and features her initials and a drawing of cyclists by Doris.

Induction video with Doris giving a speech (at the 18:34 mark), mentioning the Wolverines and CRR, which just humbles us tremendously.

Via Dale Hughes...

All Cycling Racing Fans,

Some of you may know one of the original Wolverine Cycling Champs, Doris Travani-Mulligan.  It is a sad note that I'm writing to let you all know, if not aware, that Doris passed away yesterday (3/10/2020).  She had been living with her daughter, in California, for the past few years.   Although, with my wife and I being so close to Doris over the last 25 years, it was sad to see her move.  However, we know that her being out there, she was able to stay in much better health, for much longer.  We were also able to help her celebrate her 90th birthday, last summer.

Please honor Doris by reading a little bio about her below.

Doris started cycling competitively; in 1941 at the age of 12, for the Wolverine Sports Club (based in Detroit). She was the first, and still is the only WOMAN, to win four consecutive National Championships, 1947-1950, giving Detroit its first National Cycling Champion. It was also common for Doris to go undefeated in many of her match style events, such as in her 1947 National Championship win where she received a perfect 10 points in the half mile and mile events. At one time Doris also held the fastest one mile time for both women and men.

Doris also won the 1947 International Dirt Track Championships in Dayton, Ohio, and the 1948 International Sprint Championships, also in Dayton. In 1948 she won the Milwaukee Classic and placed second in the Keystone State Classic. In 1974 Doris was inducted into the Michigan Amateur Hall of Fame. Finally after several years of voting and promoting of Doris, she was inducted into the USBHOF, on 11/16/2013.

Over the years, Doris stayed active in cycling and rode across the country in 1990, from Los Angeles to Boston, as a fund raiser for the Children's Home of Detroit. She also rode across Michigan in the mid 90's as part of a recumbent tandem team.

Her club of choice, after racing, was the Clinton River Riders (CRR). With them, she commonly volunteered to help them promote cycling with their bicycle advocacy projects. During her years with the C.R.R., it was not uncommon to ride 3,000 miles a year. You can also commonly found Doris watching races at The Velodrome of Bloomer Park. Not only did she watch the races, she was also one those who helped paint the track’s steel structure.

Although my wife and I knew of Doris, before joining the C.R.R., we only met her once. It’s a small world because my wife actually met one of her daughters before Doris, on a return flight to Detroit. Little did we know that 7 years later we would join the C.R.R. and be riding with her on some of our most memorable rides, over some 25 years.

The most memorable a 2 week cycling tour (in 1997), with that same daughter my wife met, her other daughter, and granddaughter and 2 other friends. Although we all knew Doris and her cycling abilities (at 67), many people along the way found it hard to believe she was doing 50-70 miles per day. All of us and the “champ” (Doris) were able to top off the trip by watching the final stage of the Tour De France, on The Champs-Elysees.

Doris was not one for spending taking long stops, while riding. It was, “Let’s get going, we’re burning daylight”. She has truly been my cycling inspiration. My wife and I were absolutely honored to be able to join her and actually surprise her at her induction to the USBHOF. Doris & Memories never to be forgotten!

Doris Travani-Mulligan

Born: July 19, 1929

Still Riding & Back To Racing: March 10, 2020

Bill & Julie Windhorst


1947 National Champion

1947 International Dirt Track Championships

          (Dayton, Ohio), 1st Place

1948 National Champion

1948 International Sprint Championships

          (Dayton, Ohio), 1st Place

1948 Milwaukee Classic, 1st

1948 Fred Cappy Women's Classic, 1st

1949 National Champion

1950 National Champion