Clinton River Riders



A Michigan Non-Profit 501c4 Corporation

As amended Mar 2023

ARTICLE I - Name and Location

The name of this non-profit 501c4 organization shall be The Clinton River Riders Bicycle Club, Inc. The mailing address shall be 34501 Utica Road,

Fraser, MI 48026.


The official colors shall be red, black, and white, with black/white checkerboard as a highlight theme.

ARTICLE III - Aims and Goals of the Club

·     To promote the general health and welfare of the community through cycling and related activities.

·     To promote the general interests of cycling.

·     To encourage and facilitate all forms of bicycling.

·     To defend safe cycling through education.

·     To practice and demonstrate safe riding techniques.

ARTICLE IV - Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of this organization shall be from January 1 through December 31.

ARTICLE V - Membership

Section 1: Qualifications of Individual Membership

Anyone 18 years of age shall be entitled to an individual membership in this organization upon receipt of payment of annual dues and signed application

Section 2: Qualifications of Family Membership

A Family consisting of parent(s) with dependent child(ren) or a couple residing at the same address shall be entitled to a family membership in this organization upon receipt of payment of annual dues and signed application. Those who are under the age of 18 years within the family must be accompanied by an adult member of that family at all activities, unless a signed written release is received.

Section 3: Rights of Membership

All current dues paying members at or over the age of 18 years are entitled to full voting rights. Members must be present to vote.

Section 4: Membership Dues

The amount of annual membership dues shall be determined by the elected officers and shall be due before the expiration of the calendar year, with a grace period of no later than January 31st.

Any new members joining the club between October 1 and December 31 shall be entitled to membership through December 31 of the following year.

There will be no proration of dues for partial years.

Only members with paid dues will be on the ride sheet. All others will need to sign the waiver until dues are paid.

ARTICLE VI - Meetings

Section 1: Regular Meetings

Regular meetings shall be held once a month at a place designated by the Executive Board.

Section 2: Conduct of Meetings

Meetings shall be conducted according to Roberts Rules of Order.

Section 3: Voting at Meetings

A vote of the membership at meetings shall be required for: all expenditures outside of the routine operating expenses over $500; all amendments and additions to the By-Laws; and election of the Executive Board.

Section 4: Eligibility to Vote

Only members with dues paid in full will be allowed to participate in the voting process.

ARTICLE VII - Election of the Executive Board

Section 1: Eligibility for Election

The Executive Board consists of the President, Ride Director, Secretary, and Treasurer. To be eligible for election, the following criteria must be met: Current dues paying member; minimum one year membership; 18 years of age or older.

No spouses or significant others (couples living at the same address) shall be eligible to simultaneously serve on the board.

Section 2: Nomination of Executive Board

At the December meeting, an election committee of two members shall be appointed by the Executive Board to oversee the election proceedings. Current officers may not serve on the election committee and members of the committee may not be candidates for office. Election committee will be posted on the website. Final board nominations will occur at the subsequent January meeting.

Section 3: Absentee Voting

Absentee voting will only be permitted for members who are unable to attend the February election meeting and have attended at least one meeting in the prior calendar year.

Any member who is out of town for the February meeting and is interested in participating in the election process will need to send an email to the election committee to request an absentee ballot.

Request for an absentee ballot must be received by the election committee no later than the Friday before the February meeting, and must be returned no later than midnight on the Sunday before the February meeting.

Section 4: Terms of Executive Board

At the February meeting, the Executive Board of this organization shall be elected by the general membership and will be responsible for the proper governing of the organization. The term of office will begin at the March meeting and will run until the turnover at the next March meeting. No one may be elected to more than one official position. Should any member of the Executive Board be unable to fulfill his or her duties, a special meeting of the Executive Board will be called to address the issue.

ARTICLE VIII - Duties of the Executive Board

Section 1: Elected Officers

The President has the responsibility to preside over all meetings and to regulate all club activities unless such responsibility is delegated to another member. He/she is to appoint all committee chairpersons necessary to fulfill the goals of the organization.

The Ride Director has the responsibility of assisting the President in the execution of his duties and assume those duties if the President is unable to perform them. He also has the responsibility of administering the ride activities schedule and posting ride information.

The Secretary has the responsibility for maintaining the minutes of every meeting and an up to date schedule of all non-ride activities, dates, times and such information pertinent to the matters of this organization.

The Treasurer has the responsibility for paying the monthly costs that this organization shall incur as part of its normal operation and to maintain an accurate accounting of all transactions. He/she or his/her designate will be responsible for maintaining an accurate list of the members and to collect dues that result from such membership.  He/she also has the responsibility of assisting the President in the execution of his/her duties and assume those duties if the President is unable to perform them.

Section 2: Authorization of Special Committees

The Executive board shall appoint or retain a third party audit team of non-board members to examine the financial records of the club. The audit team shall assist the Treasurer in the preparation of the annual financial report and all necessary tax reporting documents.

The Executive Board may authorize the formation of a special or standing committee or chair to deal with important issues necessary to fulfill the goals of the organization.

The Executive Board may authorize a fund raising committee consisting of a chair and any other persons needed to secure the funding necessary to further the goals of the club.

ARTICLE IX - Earnings

No director or officer of the club, or any other person shall directly or indirectly benefit from club proceeds or assets.

ARTICLE X - Amendments to By-Laws

The By-Laws may be altered, amended or repealed and new By-Laws may be adopted by the majority vote of the membership present at any regular meeting of the membership.


Section 1: Quorum of Members

• Twenty (20) members of the club entitled to vote shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the membership.

Section 2: Quorum of Executive Board

• A majority of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the Executive Board. In the event that there are blood relatives on the Executive Board, a quorum would require all Directors to be present.

ARTICLE XII - Dissolution of the Organization

Upon approval of two-thirds of the Executive Board, a motion to dissolve the club shall be put to a vote by the membership, a majority of whom must approve provided however, that at least ten percent (10%) of the membership must participate in the voting, provided further, that if at the time the Executive Board approves such a motion, the membership of the club stands at less than one hundred (100), the motion may be approved at any membership meeting at which a quorum is present. If dissolved by the membership, all club assets shall be contributed to tax exempt cycling organizations identified and in amounts determined by the Executive Board.